Thomas Gil

Things, Properties, and Relations

Our thought and our language “carve at reality´s joints” (Plato). They manifest, most of the time, world structure, that is, the stuff the world is made of: things that happen, properties, dispositions, and relations. The task of critically analysing them, thought and language, is therefore an exercise in linguistics and metaphysics.

Thinking and speaking about the world, we classify and individuate things, events, and relations, acquiring like that knowledge of what there is, knowledge of reality, knowledge of world structure.

Metaphysics is about reality. And reality is structure, being related, that is, the being related or arranged of “x” (elements, particles, parts, and objects), and the change of relations and arrangements of “x”. Reality is about “electrons” and “atoms”, but also about “chairs”, “tables”, “cats” and “cows” (or, put in a more refined way, about “chairwise”, “tablewise”, “catwise” and “cowwise” arranged particles), their properties, dispositions, forms of arrangement, occurrences and consequences.

Thomas Gil
Things, Properties, and Relations
WeltTrends, Potsdam 2017
ISBN 978-3-945878-39-2

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