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WeltTrends is a journal of international relations and comparative studies. Independent and non-partisan, WeltTrends is dedicated to analyzing and debating foreign policy issues and global affairs at the dawn of a new millennium. As a German-Polish project, the journal features political developments inside Europe and the European Union, with a strong emphasis on German foreign policy and Eastern Europe. Besides, the journal covers a wide range of international subjects such as pacific island politics, cyberwarfare as well as disarmament and arms control.

The German-language journal is aimed at political practitioners, the news media, students and lecturers of international relations as well as members of the general public with a keen interest in foreign policy. With a circulation of approx. 1.500 copies, WeltTrends is listed in libraries all over the world.


Originally published as an academic quarterly, Welttrends was issued on a bi-monthly basis between 2008 and 2014. The magazine has offered a platform for non-mainstream views ever since its foundation. Since March 2015, Welttrends is published as a monthly Foreign Policy Journal. With 72 pages per issue and printed in color, the journal regularly features commentaries by leading foreign policy practitioners, book reviews and profiles of activists and politicians. Under the “Thema” section, each issue brings a specific subject to the fore, which is then considered from different angles, often complemented by interviews, maps and diagrams. The section “Forum” provides a venue for controversial debates, while the “WeltBlick” section features shorter, insightful articles on current political developments in Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. With its distinctive mixture of scientific and journalistic writing, Welttrends offers in-depth and topical, yet accessible foreign policy analysis.

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