Thesis 6

The UN Peacebuilding Commission
Lessons from Sierra Leone

“The UN Peacebuilding Commission: Lessons from Sierra Leone” by Andrea Iro is an assessment of the United Nations Peacebuilding Commission and the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund by analysing their performance over the last two years in Sierra Leone, one of the first PBC focus countries. The paper explores the key question of how the PBC/PBF’s mandate has been translated into operational practice in the field. It concludes that though the overall impact has been mainly positive and welcomed by the country, translating the general mandate into concrete activities remains a real challenge at the country level.

Thesis 6
Andrea Iro
The UN Peacebuilding Commission
Lessons from Sierra Leone
Universitätsverlag Potsdam, Potsdam 2009
ISBN 978-3-940793-77-5
ISSN 1866-0738
109 Seiten / 6,00 €
Bezug über Univerlag Potsdam

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